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FlashEnjoy v5.0

Converts your .EXE and .SWF format Macromedia Flash files into Screensaver plus an Installer.

  • Real movie preview
  • Settings picture and labels
  • Inclusion of a readme file and license file
  • Screensaver uninstaller
  • Automatic opening of the display properties
  • Custom icons of Screensaver and Installer
What is FlashEnjoy?
FlashEnjoy lets you create Macromedia Flash Screensavers packaged into professional Windows Installers. Simply import your Flash animation(.EXE and .SWF) into FlashEnjoy, follow the various steps to customize your own Installer and instantly generate the Setup program that will install and uninstall your own Flash screensaver.
System Requirements
Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 Server
Pentium 200 MHz or higher
4 MB of free disk space
Features List
Professional Windows Installer.
Complete Flash 3, 4, 5 and MX Support.
Unlimited Royalty-free Distribution.
Compress your screensaver installer.
Easy-to-use and Fast Wizard Interface.
All-in-one Package.
Supports Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server.
Installation Program
Professional looking.
Compressed installer is ideal for web-delivery.
Automatically create an Uninstaller program to remove the Screensaver from the system.
Launch the "Display Properties" Dialog box after installation.
Set the screensaver as default after installation.
Generate the complete Windows Installer or only the .SCR file.
Include/Install your own License File.
Custom Icon.
Supports Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server.

Ani.cur.ico Editor v3.5

Make and edit animated cursors and icons, manage and convert images to icons.

  • Create and edit animated cursors
  • Create and edit icons for Windows XP in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel
  • Import .ico, .bmp, .jpeg images into icons
  • Export icon images to .ico, .dib, .bmp, .jpg files
  • Extract icons from Windows executables, libraries, animated cursors
What is Ani.cur.ico Editor?
Make and edit animated cursors, icons and cursors, manage and convert images to icons.
System Requirements
Version: 3.5
Platform: Windows95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP.
Hardware requirements: 16MB RAM, Pentium-133 MHz, 2MB Hard Disk, True Color video mode.
With IconDIY you can:
Create and edit animated cursors
Create and edit icons for Windows XP in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel
Create and edit icons with image formats in standard and custom sizes, and in color depths up to 24-bit
Import .ico, .bmp, .jpeg images into icons
Export icon images to .ico, .dib, .bmp, .jpg files
Extract icons from Windows executables, libraries, animated cursors
Modify images with rotate, roll, mirror, transparent effects
What's Ani.cur.ico Editor(Ani.cur.ico Maker)?
Animated cursor Editor + Cursor Editor + Icon Editor;
Animated cursor Creator + Cursor Creator + Icon Creator;
Animated cursor Maker + Cursor Maker + Icon Maker!

CoolFolder v4.0

Mark important folders, organize your data!

  • Change an icon for any folder with two clicks
  • Select one of 200 professionally designed XP-style icons or use any external icon
  • Batch processing (change all subfolders) is supported
  • Simple and usable interface
What is ColorWin (CoolFolder)?
Mark important folders, organize your data!
System Requirements
Version: 4.0
Platform: Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP.
Hardware requirements: 16MB RAM, Pentium-133 MHz, 4MB Hard Disk.
Features List
Change an icon for any folder with two clicks.
Select one of 200 professionally designed XP-style icons (colored, numbered, marked folders) or use any external icon.
Batch processing (change all subfolders) is supported.
Simple and usable interface.


1 How secure are credit card transactions?
Credit cards provide customers with a quick, easy and efficient way to conduct business, as opposed to sending registration codes and checks through the slow mail process. Customers can be confident that RegSoft.com provides a secure environment for purchasing products with a credit card over the internet. Click here to learn more about our Secure Purchasing Environment.

Our partnership RegSoft.com provides secure, encrypted transactions through its partnership with Thawte.com. If a customer still feels uncomfortable using a credit card over the internet, he or she has several other options with RegSoft.com. Customers may order with a credit card over the phone or fax, or they may order by personal check or money order through the mail. For details regarding RegSoft.com's payment options, please click here.

Credit card fraud is always a worry, however Our partnership RegSoft.com is always concerned with the safety and satisfaction of its customers. Should a customer experience fraudulent use of a credit card as a result of shopping with RegSoft.com, the customer should immediately notify his or her credit card company in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. Most companies will either cover all of the fraudulent purchases or ask the customer to be liable for a maximum of $50.

In the interest of our customers, should a RegSoft.com customer 's credit card company discover fraud during a RegSoft.com transaction, and hold that customer liable for some portion of the unauthorized charges, RegSoft.com will reimburse the customer. RegSoft.com's reimbursement will cover a maximum liability of $50 provided the purchase was made through RegSoft.com's secure server.
2 What can I expect from you with regards to customer service?
Our partnership RegSoft.com provides assistance to the customer in handling the purchase and registration of a product. For questions related to installation and operation of the product, the customer should please contact support@icondiy.com.
3 Can I purchase with a check?
Our partnership RegSoft.com gladly accepts payment by check or money order. However, please allow adequate time for the funds to be processed by our bank. For information about where to send your check or money order, please click here for "How to Contact Us".
4 What can I expect from you?
You can expect prompt, courteous, and professional service from us. If at any time you have any questions or comments for us, please let us know.
5 How Does you Respond to Customers?
When order and payment details are received, Our partnership RegSoft.com sends an email reply to the customer that acknowledges receipt of the order and payment details. This message is usually sent within a few hours, and will confirm a customer's payment when it is approved. Our partnership RegSoft.com's reply generally includes a message from us.
6 How long does it take for you to fill an order or respond to a question?
Email responses are handled within 2-4 hours typically, with a maximum of 24 hours. Phone calls are returned within 1 business day. Fax orders are filled within 12 hours of receipt as long as payment is received with the order. Mail orders are filled within 5 to 8 business days of receiving them.
7 How long does it take to to obtain my registration code after I purchase a product online by credit card?
After we receive your online credit card order, it may take up to several hours to authorize your transaction. As soon as your charge is authorized, you will receive an authorization e-mail with your Tracking ID# as well as instructions on how to obtain the full registered version the product you ordered. It is important that the customer check his or her email to obtain the charge authorization and instructions. In the unlikely event that your credit card is declined, you will receive an e-mail stating the reason. If you do not receive any e-mail within 24 hours - there may be a problem with your order. In that case, kindly contact us by e-mail at sales@RegSoft.com with your name, Tracking ID# and the approximate date and time of your order to obtain the status of your order.

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